Why Elope? Why Not?!

We offer a creative and exciting alternative to a traditional wedding.

Just elope! Your friends are happy that you love each other so much but, they really can’t wait for you to get done with the formalities so they can get to the bar at the reception.

Fun fact: It takes two to tango, not 202.

You can have your own intimate private ceremony with up to 20 guests, we include the brides hairstyle by a licensed cosmetologist, a one to two hour photoshoot with a photographer with 1-200 digital images on a cool wooden flash drive, bouquet and boutonniere, location , and marriage officiant for around $1,500-$3,000.

Then you can throw a big party to celebrate your union with all of your friends and family. Go ahead! Spring for an open bar, you can afford it with all the money you’ll be saving by eloping. Everybody wins.

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